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Hey, teenagers! We want to see what you see!

Share your photos and stories with us and we’ll publish a book of the best ones!

We’re building a collection of photos and stories that showcases teenagers’ experiences all around the world and documents the culture and surroundings that accompany their progress into adulthood. So, long story short, here’s a contest.

In the worst case: your words and images don’t make it into the book. But you will get feedback from a professional photographer and some advice on improving your skills. Then of course you can submit again

In the best case: you get published and you can show off to your friends. I don’t know about you, but that’s why I became a photographer. We’ll also make sure to send you a digital copy of the book when it’s published. But the most important thing is, you’ll get to tell your story and get some exposure.

Now the rules: you have to be 19 or under. If you got this far and you’re over 19, sorry to have wasted your time, but you can always encourage and mentor someone you know who is eligible to participate.

The second and most important rule is – send photos of something you love. Not just anything that looks pretty, but something that speaks to you in other ways as well. We’re interested to hear the story behind the photo (why the subject is important and dear to you). That’s why you see below a place to write a few sentences to accompany each photo. For example, a portrait of someone you love is fine – a photo of something that doesn’t mean something to you – not fine. If it doesn’t mean anything to you, it doesn’t mean anything to us. So send us pictures of things (and people) that make your heart beat faster.

NOTE: We want a story, not just a description. For example, if you submit an portrait of your grandmother, a story would be: “As far back as I recall my grandmother has been the person I confide in and seek advice from, and the one I admire most. When I was ten, I wanted to be in the school dance team, but all of my friends told me I didn’t have a chance. So I went to my grandmother and she told me….” What we don’t want is: “This is my grandmother. She is very nice and good to talk to.” Do you see the difference? Also, please clearly identify the place where the photo is taken within the story. Write as much as you want but make it interesting and full of detail.

Now go grab your camera and… oh wait, there’s more: your original work only; at least 1000 pixels tall or wide; JPEG or JPG format; ideally no edits (only minor cropping and color correction); no print, no film, no selfies. Especially no selfies. Also, have mercy on us and don’t send more than 10 photos with one application.

Do you need some ideas of what topic to photograph? Go to this page for photo topics!

That’s all; get to work kids, show us what you’re made of. And good luck to all.

Oh and by the way, my name’s Tim.

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