Becki Groves, 17 – United Kingdom

When I was eight years old we had to do a homework project on somewhere we had never been before where we wanted to visit when we were older for World Cultures’ week. At that age I wanted to go everywhere and had been nowhere. But we were told quite firmly that it could only be one country that we were allowed to write about. So, having no idea what country to choose, and needing to give an answer of what country to study within five minutes, I walked over to the globe in the corner of the classroom and spun it around, sticking a drawing pin into it (my teacher was not overly happy with that).

The pin landed in Israel – Haifa to be precise. So, having no real objections, I went off home and researched Israel. Over the course of the week, I fell in love with the country; the culture, the language, everything. And so, I decided that, after doing a medical degree, I would move out there. It was put to the back of my mind in the years after that, knowing that I would have to wait until after my degree to even think about doing anything about it. And then one day, after receiving the results of my AS-levels, I decided that medicine was not really what I wanted to do, but the hobby of photography that had been with me since the age of seven was what actually made me happy, and so I would pursue a career in photography. It will still be a few years, but it means that moving out to Israel is much closer than it would have been if I were to do a six year medical course.

Everyone has their opinions on why I should not move out to Israel. Everyone argues that it is dangerous, or that it is a lot of work for me to get there, but nobody argues that if it is what I want, it is what I should go for. I accepted that it is dangerous nearly ten years ago, and I accepted that whatever I wanted from my future would take a lot of work, and yet everybody still seems to come up with reasons for me to stay in England.